Winning SNG Poker Strategy

Sit N Goes, or SNGs for short, can be a very profitable way to make money playing poker, if you know the right strategy and how to be disciplined.  Without the right strategy and bankroll management, you could keep going broke and have to redeposit over and over again.  Learn what is the right winning SNG strategy to help you win money playing poker.

Winning SNG Poker Strategy

According to Phil Hellmuth, tight is right.  When you play poker according to Phil Hullmuth’s rules, you will be playing very few hands but you will be paying premium hands.  And anyone that is not paying attention to how many or how few hands you are playing will get a surprise when you show them the nuts over and over again and they keep paying you off thinking you don't have it. 

When you apply this to the proper SNG poker strategy, you will not be playing a lot of hands but you will do well in the long run.You can wait for your premium hands and then go on the attack when you have your big hands and get paid off.You need to know when to make moves even when your cards do not matter at all, there will be times when it is correct to push all your chips in with any two cards, and no this is not when you are short on chips.  And there is a time when this is the proper winning strategy that you can use and abuse your opponents who may or may not know what you are doing.  Even if they do know what you are doing, they cannot stop you if you have more chips than they do and can bust them before you make money. 

If you have a 10% ROI, which is very attainable, and play 100 $50 SNGs, you could win $500 net profit.  Plus, you also need to include rakeback which would add another $135 to your profits.  These are net profits, not winnings.Because it doesn't matter if you win a million dollars and spend a million dollars, what matters is how much you keep.If you play on more than one table at a time, you can play a lot of SNGs and make hundreds each night. 

While proper winning strategy may be boring and unexciting to some, it is the way to long term profits.  And that’s why you want to play poker, to make money.  So follow the tight strategy and you will bring home the money more often.