Winning At Baccarat

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I’m here to show you on how to profit when playing baccarat. Baccarat is played with 6 or 8 decks of cards, and I will show you the probability on a hand dealt from a full shoe of 6 or 8 decks:

With 6 decks of cards, the banker can win 0.46, the player can win 0.45, and a tie of 0.09

With 8 decks of cards, the banker can win 0.46, the player can win 0.44, and a tie of 0.10

If the banker wins, commission will be taken from them (normally 4% or 5%) and payout on tie bets (8:1 or 9:1). This concludes the following casino advantages:

When playing a 6 deck shoe, a commission of 5% the advantage on a banker bet is exactly 1.056%. With a commission of 4%, the advantage then drops to 0.6%. On a player, the bet is 1.24%, and on a tie bet with 8:1 odds it is 14.93% and on 9:1 odds it is 14.43%. The advantage that I mentioned is around the same when playing with an 8 deck.

Forget about counting the cards because the dealer will shuffle on each play. There is also not much strategy around as the game uses numerous automatic rules. I will list some guidelines and tactics that you can employ in the game:

Common Sense Strategy

Don’t ever bet on a tie. The odds are tipped in the house’s favor. In the end, the bank will still win, so it will be much better to bet on the banker’s hand. You have the odds in your favor even after paying the commission. So, betting with the bank will be right choice. Always pick games that use the 6 deck shoe, and also a 4% commission. Though it will be pretty boring, but this will work and you will be more profitable in your game.

Play and Loss Management

Sometimes the best bet, but you have absolutely no idea on how much to bet. This is especially critical fore Baccarat Gambling; you must learn to have self-control over your bets.

A vast majority of people wager more than they can afford to lose. Don’t end up like them. Instead implement the three basic rules below:

1. You have to decide on the amount you are willing to lose before you start playing Baccarat in the casino. Write it down and stick to it forever, because that is your limit.

2. Budget the money you decided to use and allocate the amount equally for each round of play.

3. For every win, portion a percentage to the opposite pocket. Leave it there and do not touch it while you are playing in the casino. A smart player will always put ALL of the winnings out of play.

With these rules, winning at baccarat will be much easier.

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