Things To Do In Atlantic City

There are many reasons why Atlantic City remains a very popular for vacations all throughout the year. Honestly, to list all the many facets that contribute to Atlantic City’s popularity could prove space prohibitive. However, there are ten reasons why it is such a popular and beloved destination. Here is a rundown of those items.

The Boardwalk. Without a doubt, the boardwalk of Atlantic City is both a landmark and a cultural treasure. The first section of the Boardwalk was built in 1870 and it immediately attracted tourists. In time, the boardwalk continued to expand as did the number of tourists attracted to it. Today, it is one of the most popular sightseeing haunts in the entire eastern seaboard.

The Ocean. From the boardwalk, you can look at and see the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Actually, you can do far more than look at it. You can plan fishing trips, scuba adventures, and sightseeing cruises. Or, you could simply enjoy a day tanning on the white sand beaches while watching the waves crash.

The Casinos. What would Atlantic City be without its gaming culture? Yes, Atlantic City is one of the most famous gambling capitals in the world and the multitude of casinos here are a testament to that. If you are feeling lucky, there are a number of establishments to press that luck. Who knows? You may walk away a wealthy person!

Live Entertainment. Gambling is not the only thing the casinos are known for. Famous singers, comedians, celebrities, and entertainers all perform at these gaming establishments. So, if you love live entertainment, Atlantic City is a top destination to check out.

Helicopter Tours. For those looking to sightsee in a very atypical manner, helicopter tours provide a fun excursion. These tours can cover the oceanic area as well as inland. From this, you will view a unique perspective of a historic town that very few have been privileged to see. It also opens the doors for a number of great photo ops as well!

Deep Sea Fishing. The fishing in Atlantic City is quite vast and includes flounder, bluefish, blackfish, sea bass, tuna, and striped bass. Yes,there is an exotic and diverse array of fishes and anyone who loves this sport will surely enjoy the enticing excursion off AC’s coast.

Dining. Really, would it be possible to find more diverse and finer dining that what Atlantic City is home to? No matter what type of food you enjoy, you can find it here. Whether you want to sit down and calm your senses in an elegant establishment or just enjoy a quick bite at a steak place, Atlantic City can cater to all your needs.

Atlantic City Art Center. Those that love art galleries will find much to explore at this legendary establishment. It is home to some of the rarest works of art and often presents many famous displays that are on the tour.

Edwin B. Forsyth Natural Wildlife Reserve. If you want a change of pace and wish to explore the beauty of the natural world, a walk through this refuge will surely prove enjoyable. Often overlooked, it is one of the more interesting sights to see in the area.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center and Sea Life Museum. After you have enjoyed exploring the glory of the natural world on land, you could shift gears and explore what exists in the ocean. You may be surprised at what you learn here.