The Truth About Casino Portals

Understanding how a casino portal works is not something that is well known for most online casino players.

Gambling portals and casino review sites are sometimes misunderstood. A lot of people do not realize it is these gambling directories which are very much to praise for the good things that happen in the arena of gambling online because they are the go-between of the gaming industry. Many a time, online casinos have reversed their decision to take a plan which is not player-friendly because of the negative feedback of directories and portal owners who are almost always what are referred to as “affiliates” in the community.

There is one thing to keep in mind, the gambling directory is accountable for many of the good things in online gambling and it is equally important to be aware that nothing is ever deducted from the player by the existence of the directory. Some people think that because the directory earns money that they are costing the player something but they are wrong. Directories are like a safety blanket of insurance that the player will be treated appropriately.

Just like there are good casinos and bad, there are also good and bad affiliates. The bad ones are those who will advertise any online gambling site willing to give them a better commission, the good ones step in on behalf of their players if a casino misleads them.

Affiliates are paid in several different ways which include a flat rate for every unique hit sent to the casino website, a flat rate for every player who signs up and plays for real money, a percentage of player losses, and there is even a payment model that depends mostly on the player winning which is called “wagershare”, a common system in Las Vegas that deals with high rollers where someone who is a free-lance escort is paid in that regard… which is a percentage on whatever amount is wagered. That is not calculated by what is won or what is lost, but rather it is just like the way any casino, land or virtual, calculates comp points. It is all calculated by how many times you place a bet, or how many hands and at what the stakes are for in craps or one of the other casino games. The more the player wins the more they are going to wager, of course, so this model is popular with most directories because they want to see the players win and its great when you can also earn money from that excitement.

In truth, it all figures out to about the same whatever how the model is based, although the residual income (the percentage of) is the most honest to all involved because the other structures always end up with one side or the other coming out on the short end of the stick.  That meaning, the portal and the casino such as this has no bearing on a player because if the affiliate wasn’t to get paid, what would they do?  The money would go straight into the casino’s advertising budget or their pocket but it wouldn’t go back to the player. Just ask anybody who has ever signed up straight from a search engine, they get no more bonuses than anybody else, further is they have nobody to turn for guidance if they get scammed, whereas those who signed up through a guide can go back to them and ask for mediation.

There are also gambling directories and gambling portals that straight out sell advertising banners and some that were made by the casinos they list. But no matter what the type, at no time does the affiliate ever cost the player anything. Otherwise, being at an excellent portal from which to choose an online casino, these establishments often offer strategies to benefit the player in both their game play and in their method to online gambling as it is different than in real life, most noticeably in the amount of time it takes to collect winnings.