The Legality of Online Casinos

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If you are a fan of card games, such as Texas Hold Em or Five Card Stud, then you know all about online casinos, or you should know about them. They are casinos that you find online and are just like the real thing, minus the cocktail waitresses offering free drinks. But not everything is sunshine and roses for these casinos. Many casinos online are facing legal issues from the United States Federal government due to an old act passed in the sixties. Is it forbidden to gamble online?

The Interstate Wire Act was passed in 1961. This law effectively banned bookies from placing bets over the phone lines. But does this apply to the internet? Some proponents for the bill argue that it does and that online casinos should be made illegal and should not be allowed to operate in the United States. Opponents of the bill argue that the internet is a separate entity from the Wire Act and that casinos found online should still be allowed to operate.

All legalities aside, there are many casinos online that offer a wide variety of card games, slots, roulette, horse racing and even card games, such as Black Jack. There is literally something for everyone. Many of the best poker players in the industry now utilize online gambling as a way to hone their skills and rake up big payouts that allow them to play live. How many hands of poker are we talking about? Try a couple hundred hands in an hour. Most players utilize two or three computers at one time so they can play many hands at once. Think about the concentration skills of those types of online players!

Online casinos are just like their physical cousins located in such hotspots as Las Vegas or Atlantic City. However, the problems with gambling are just as real and therefore, each website features a section devoted to those that seem to have a problem controlling their gaming addiction. But for those who know their limits, casinos online can be a great way to hone those card skills and learn new tricks to the games, such as Texas Hold Em or Black Jack.