Ideas To Win The Lotto

To win the 649 jackpot just pick six numbers from 1 to 49; seems problematic, but in fact it isn’t. Learning how to win the lotto is not as difficult as it may seem. Necessary thing is, make a group or pool of friends and play to a plan. Everyone of your group can be rich if a single member of your group wins the jackpot. For this you need to be careful when you are selecting your partners as this may be one of the biggest decisions you ever made. Try and set up people with a positive attitude and full of energy. Only people full of positive energy are not fearful of losing. The larger your group the greater are the chances of you winning at least one prize that should cover the groups’ costs.

Your group can win many times if you follow some techniques discussed here. Always avoid betting on numbers that have won a jackpot before, they are sure failures. The chances of a set of lotto winning numbers being drawn again are once in every 135000 years. It has been found that in the history of lotto in the past fifty years across the world, six consecutive numbers have never been drawn so don’t play on consecutive numbers. Never grab numbers from the same group.g. In general speaking all six numbers are made of single digit, or in their twenties, teens, etc. Stay away from popular combinations like multiples of a number e.g. 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24. Also stay away from a set of numbers with the same last digit e.g. 2, 12,22,32,42 remember that 90% of all drawings have no more than one repeated last number.

The next most common error that people make is bet on numbers from 1-31 as they tally to their spouse or children’s birthday don’t forget you have to choose numbers ranging from 1- 49 and so do not eliminate 31-49 (eighteen numbers) that’s a pretty large set of numbers you are leaving out. Idle people go for quick picks and the lazy never be selected as winner. A stock market saying “Trend is your best friend” also works well when it comes to increase your chance of winning. Use historical data to zero in on your winning numbers.

Also with the help of technology you can pick the winning numbers. In order to pick winning numbers many people have taken advantage of windows lotto pro which is a very popular software. The trial version of this software is free and you may use it for 15 days before deciding to buy.

All the best.

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