Great Super Hero Poker Players

Both Superheroes have had there films re released and launch lately and they are hugely successful. The latest batman movie was a huge success globally. Supermans new film will be rebranded to have a darker setting.

But all in all these superheroes are great at saving the world, but which one of them would win at a tournament of poker. Let us take a look at at both of their strengths and the facts why The Superman would come out winning.

The Dark Knight
Well the remake of Batman has shown a more sinister and darker side to the act; compared to The man of steel I feel the Dark Knight can pull a bluff a lot better than Superman. But the Dark Knight does not really have any out of the world powers that are able to compete with Superman; maybe if he teams up with Robin they will have a better chance.

We turn our attention to superman, who in fact takes the crown. Superman has supernatural powers and there are two way he can win. Firstly he can dash at the speed of light to look at the cards and secondly he can just see through the cards with his ultra ray vision.

This post is really just for a bit of fun but to be honest with or without Rakeback I feel that a professional poker player can beat these superheroes hands down. Because it is all about the draw of the cards the skill that a person holds and not to mention being able to tell a great bluff.

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