Gambling vs Mortgages

As it is obviously clear, we know that we are in the middle of a huge financial crisis and the main culprit for this is the banks. Over the last few years, banks have been throwing away their money by giving it to people that cannot afford to pay it back. This has all led to the demise of the banks and businesses that were relying on them failing too.

I have always said that if you have not got the money to buy something, them simply do not buy it ans wait until you are in a better position? I mean lending huge amounts of money. So this is ultimatley why banks need to sit down and think about who they give their cash too.

I have noted down a few situations where the banks should not be giving money too.
1) People that are on small salaries, what the banks are not taking into account is the fact that people have a lot more monthly expenses then just a mortgage. They have the huge daily living costs to consider. So even a person that is earning around 25k, should not be borrowing huge amounts of money.
2) How long have they been in their work place? There are some people in this world that cannot be bothered to work and end up getting the sack. These people then make up their minds to look for a job after a year and as soon as they find one they think they are rich and rush out to get a mortgage and other financial commitments. And in a truth, no one can be bothered to tell these people any different, rather the opposite actually, as what the banks do is just hand over the money.
3) One of the more imprtant aspects that the bank should look at is the obsessive habits people have. How many times have gambling addicts got given a mortgage and car and then blow there monthly repayments on playing online poker or roulette. Addicts just will not stop so lending them money would be a huge no no.

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